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Development History

  • 1996

    Established CHINT Group Auto Parts R&D Dept.

    500000 investment
    20 employees
    Product: relay
    Production area: 300 m²
    Income: 1.5 million CNY

  • 1998

    Registered CHINT Automotive Parts Company

    10 million registered capital
    96 employees
    Product: relay, flasher, switch
    Production area: 1800 m²
    Income: 11 million CNY

  • 2002

    Moved to Feiyunjiang Road Factory

    200 employees
    Product: relay, flasher, switch, horn
    Production area: 3500 m²
    Income: 25 million CNY

  • 2009

    Sensor Line Started

    400 employees
    Provincial R&D Center
    Product: relay, flasher, switch, horn and sensor
    Production area: 7000 m²
    Income: 64 million CNY

  • 2014

    Automotive Technology Industrial Park Opens

    360 employees
    Renamed: Zhejiang CHINT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
    Product: relay, flasher, switch, horn and sensor
    Building area: 44596 m²
    Income: 120 million CNY

  • 2021

    Zhejiang CHINT Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

    600 employees
    Post-doctoral workstation established
    Product: relay, electronic, switch, horn and sensor
    Income: 320 million CNY

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