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A Brief Introduction of the Disc Horn


The disc horn is the most common horn. Because it is shaped like a basin/disc, so it is called “disc horn”. The disc horn is relatively cheap, mostly used in cars of Japanese and Korean models. And the sound of the disc horn is crisp.

Working Principle:

The electromagnet adopts a solenoid structure. The core is surrounded by an exciting coil, and the air gap between the upper and lower cores is in the middle of the coil, producing a large suction force. And then the upper core is sucked down and hits the lower core, producing a lower basic frequency, stimulating the diaphragm and resonating with the sounding board bonded to the diaphragm.


The diaphragm resonates with the sounding board bonded to the diaphragm, thus the disc horn can emit a sound with a much stronger frequency and a more concentrated distribution. In order to protect the contacts, some disc horns are also connected with arc extinguishing capacitors between the contacts.

Signal Generation Mode:

The disc horn is mainly composed of two parts: electric air pump and air horn. When the horn button is pressed, the DC motor air pump runs and produces compressed air; Compressed air passes directly into the air horn to make the horn sound.