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Disc Horn or Snail Horn


There are mainly two kinds of automotive horns. They are the snail horn and the disc horn. The disc horn is mostly used in Japanese and Korean vehicles, while the snail horn is mainly used in German cars. There are many differences between the snail horn and the disc horn.
A snail horn usually takes the shape of a snail shell, while a disc horn is more like a pan or bowl.
Structure Design: 
The snail horn uses worm gear drive technology to better increase power output and avoid damage caused by prolonged high volume use. However, the disc horn usually uses permanent magnet suspension technology, which can reduce mechanical friction and improve sound performance.
Power Dissipation: 
The snail horn uses a structure called snail wire to transmit sound, which allows the snail horn to output a larger sound at the same power, so the snail horn does better in power saving.
The sound of the snail horn is more pleasant; while the sound of the disc horn is sharper.
The snail horn is waterproof while the disc horn is not. The failure rate of the disc horn is higher, but the price cost is lower.

In conclusion, compared with the disc horn, the snail horn has some advantages but the price is higher. They all hold a certain position in the automotive horn market.