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What is the reason why the car horn does not ring when it rings


The car horn does not ring when the fault causes: ① the battery contact is bad; ② Poor contact of horn relay; ③ horn button damage; ④ loose horn line; ⑤ The horn itself is damaged.

Check methods are as follows:

1. Check whether the power supply is electric by turning on the light of the headlamp. If the light is dim, the battery should be charged or replaced;

2. Use a multimeter to test whether the horn relay power line is live. If no electricity indicates that there is a break between the fuse and the horn relay, check the line;

3. Connect the "30" and "87" terminals of the horn relay with thick wire to see if the horn sounds. If the horn sounds, the fault occurs between the horn relay and the horn button. The horn relay "86" terminal post is directly connected to the iron test. If the horn rings, it proves that the fault occurs at the button. Check whether the button connection and the button contact have ablative oxidation or bad connection. If the horn still does not sound, the fault occurs in the horn relay, to check whether the relay coil is broken and whether the breaker contact is ablated or oxidized.

4. If the horn relay "30" and "87" terminals are connected with thick wire, the horn still does not sound, it can be determined that the fault occurs in the horn, it is necessary to decompose the horn, check the cause item by item.
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