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Waterproof Auto Universal Relay
  • Waterproof Auto Universal RelayWaterproof Auto Universal Relay

Waterproof Auto Universal Relay

CHINT® waterproof auto universal relay is a type of relay that is designed to be resistant to water and moisture. Relays are electrical devices used to control the flow of electricity in circuits, typically by opening or closing contacts based on an input signal. They are commonly used in automotive applications for controlling various electrical components such as lights, motors, and fans.

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Product Description

Waterproof Auto Universal Relay Product Specification Intro
JD01/02 Series
CHINT® auto universal relay is the basic Automotive Relay with High Life endurance, and huge quantity of massive production bring a very competitive price in order to bring a benefit to our customers. A waterproof relay is especially useful in automotive settings where the electrical components may be exposed to water, such as in off-road vehicles, boats, or motorcycles. It helps to prevent water damage and ensure the reliable operation of the electrical system.
CHINT® auto universal relay JD12/14 Series has multiple options are as follow:
1.Bracket: without bracket, with plastic bracket, or with metal bracket.
2.Relay: Blank/with resistor/with diode.
3.Contact form:
N/O: contacts are normally openned, and closed once powered which usually used for simple function.
CVT: Relays can choose one of the outputs.
D/O: Relays have two outputs for both functions based on one single input.
4. Sealed Type with water proof purpose
5. Color: Black, Blue, Gray etc...
Electrical Specification Application:
Rated Working Voltage: 12V or 24V
Rated Current: 40A or 40A/30A
Normally Open (N/O) / Convert (CVT) / double output (D/O)
Isulation Resistance≥100MΩ(500VDC)
Pull-in Voltage:≤8.5V or 17V
Release Voltage: ≥1.2V or 2.4V
Life Endurance: 100,000 cycles
Working Temperature: -40℃-65℃
Accord with RoHS, ELV, QC/T413-2002

Mounting Diagram: Electrical Diagram:

Ordering Information: Basic Type
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