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What does body control module mean?


BCM mainly controls the electrical appliances of the car body:
1. The BCM body control module is the electrical core of the vehicle. Used to monitor body-related functions such as lights, windows, and door locks, and work as a gateway for CAN and LIN networks;
2. Load control can communicate with remote ECU directly from DBM or via CANLIN;
3. The body control module integrates and manages safety and comfort features and power management systems. BCM also provides diagnostic information when servicing and overhauling the vehicle;
4. When the driver turns on the lights, heats the seat or uses the windshield wipers, the BCM acts as the control center;

5. In a fully equipped mid-level vehicle, BCM is interoperable with about 60 different ECUs. As part of an integrated energy management system, BCM can help reduce a vehicle's overall energy consumption.


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