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How to repair the failure of the body control module?


The body control module is a highly integrated chip, which can realize the intelligent operation of vehicle safety, comfort and other functions, including remote locking and unlocking of doors and windows, electric rearview mirrors, central door locks, and glass lifting devices , car lights, instrument backlight adjustment and power distribution, etc. The body control module is very important, without it, the car cannot be driven safely and comfortably.

When the body control module fails, there is no way for the car owner to fix it himself. It needs to read the data stream through the detector, and then know the current state of each electrical component through the corresponding data stream, so as to help judge the fault. The body control module is hidden in the car, and it is usually difficult for the owner to find it. It is generally located under the center console or behind the co-pilot storage box. The body control module will have many plugs.
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