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What is the function of the car buzzer?


The function of the car buzzer is to remind. The car buzzer is mainly used before the vehicle starts. If the passenger does not fasten the seat belt, the car buzzer will sound at this time, which will play a certain role in prompting. This will greatly improve the safety awareness of passengers helpful.
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The function and structural principle of the car buzzer is introduced. The function and structural principle of the car buzzer. It keeps beeping as long as the vehicle is moving, and it is especially concerned with raising our safety awareness. The results of a special discussion on this aspect show that the safety belt reminder device has increased the wearing rate of seat belts by about 40%, and has saved the lives of many drivers and passengers.

(1) Introduction to the buzzer

1. The function of the buzzer The buzzer is an electronic sounder with an integrated structure, which is powered by DC voltage and is widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers And other electronic products as sound-generating devices.

2. Classification of buzzers Buzzers are mainly divided into two types: piezoelectric buzzers and electromagnetic buzzers.

3. The circuit graphic symbol of the buzzer The buzzer is represented by the letter "H" or "HA" in the circuit (the old standard uses "FM", "LB", "JD", etc.).

(2) The structure and principle of the buzzer

1. Piezoelectric buzzer The piezoelectric buzzer is mainly composed of a multivibrator, a piezoelectric buzzer, an impedance matcher, a resonance box, and a casing. Some piezoelectric buzzer housings are also equipped with light-emitting diodes. Multivibrators are built from transistors or integrated circuits. When the power is turned on (1.5~15V DC working voltage), the multivibrator starts to oscillate and outputs an audio signal of 1.5~2.5kHZ, and the impedance matching device pushes the piezoelectric buzzer to sound. The piezoelectric buzzer is made of lead zirconate titanate or lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramic material. Silver electrodes are plated on both sides of the ceramic sheet, and after polarization and aging treatment, they are bonded together with brass or stainless steel sheets.

2. Electromagnetic buzzer Electromagnetic buzzer is composed of oscillator, electromagnetic coil, magnet, vibrating diaphragm and shell. After the power is turned on, the audio signal current generated by the oscillator passes through the electromagnetic coil, causing the electromagnetic coil to generate a magnetic field. Under the interaction of the electromagnetic coil and the magnet, the vibrating diaphragm periodically vibrates and produces sound. Buzzer production

(1) Preparation of electromagnet M: Wind 100 turns of wire on an iron bolt with a length of about 6 cm, leaving 5 cm at the end of the wire as a lead wire, and stick the coil with transparent tape to prevent the coil from loosening, and then stick it with tape On a box, the electromagnet is ready.

(2) Prepare the shrapnel P: Cut a long iron piece with a width of about 2 cm from the tin can, bend it into a right angle, connect a lead wire of the electromagnet to the shrapnel, and stick the shrapnel to the wooden board with adhesive tape.

(3) Use a paper clip as the contact Q, use a book to raise the paper clip, stick it firmly with adhesive tape, lead out a wire, and connect the circuit as shown in the figure.

(4) Adjust the distance between M and P (by moving the box), so that the electromagnet can attract the shrapnel, adjust the distance between the contact and the shrapnel, so that they can just touch, and the buzzer can be heard after power on It is divided into built-in speakers and external speakers, and external speakers are generally referred to as speakers.
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